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Panic in Ilorin due to rumors of kidnapping of famous Muslim cleric Muhammadu Buhari

Panic reigned in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, in the early hours of Friday morning, due to the reported kidnapping of a Muslim cleric from Ilorin, Muhammadu Buhari Jamio.

A video with the caption ‘Bukhari Omo Musa in the background’ is now reported to have been kidnapped at his home in Ilorin in the early hours of Friday.

However, the findings of the DAILY POST have revealed that the real prolific preacher, Buhari Umoosa, is safe, lively and energetic contrary to speculation that he has been kidnapped.

The voice of the alleged kidnapped cleric’s wife can be heard in the background of the video clip that went viral asking for help to enable the family to pay the N5m ransom demanded by the unknown kidnappers.

Another male voice from the video gave the impression that the unknown kidnappers demanded a ransom of N30m but it was reduced to N5m after negotiations.

The kidnapping incident left Buhari Omousa’s fans confused as they expressed their concern and prayed for his safe release from the kidnappers.

While some members of the public view the development as a case of mistaken identity caused by identical names, others have described it as a scam intended to deceive the public and the government.

Responding to the radio channel, Buhari Omousa debunked the news, saying that he was fine and that no kidnapping incident had happened to him.

When contacted by phone Friday with the state spokesperson
She described the leadership of the police, S. B. Okasanmi Ajayi, the video clip is fake.

He said, ā€œAlhaji Tunde Buhari who was kidnapped in the Olwalusi community in Oko-Ulu district of Ilorin has been rescued and deployed.

He added, “Even the second victim who was kidnapped along with Tunde Buhari was also rescued.”

The two rescued victims were reported to have been kidnapped in Oko-Oluo district of Ilorin, the state capital, recently.

Panic in Ilorin due to rumors of kidnapping of famous Muslim cleric Muhammadu Buhari

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