Pastor Paul Inche’s first daughter, Deborah is getting ready to get married

Pastor Paul Eninch of Dunamis International Gospel Center is preparing to wed his first daughter, Deborah Enchi.

According to reports, the lavish wedding will take place at the Glory Dome in Abuja, and prominent Nigerian clerics will be in attendance.

Deborah, prospective gospel singer and first daughter of Rev. Paul Enench of Dunamis International Gospel Center, revealed a picture of her stunning engagement ring on her social media accounts weeks ago without giving any details.

Deborah Elizabeth Iniwa was born Paul-Enench on March 28, 1995. Deborah Paul-Enench, often known as DeBee, is a gospel performer from Nigeria. She also serves as the creative director of the center. She is the first of Rev. Paul Iduku Enish’s four children (Deborah, Daniela, Destiny and Paul Daniel), who founded and serves as the Chief Pastor of Dunamis Church.

Deborah Paul Eninch has a law degree from Northumbria University, which she attended from 2012 to 2017. She also obtained her law degree from Nigerian Law College, Abuja Campus, Federal Capital Territory. In 2019, she was called to the bar.

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