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People’s Democratic Party presidential rally: Osogbo residents lament the traffic congestion and hardship

As the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign train reached Osun State, the people of Osogbo lamented the untold hardship of traffic that had been imposed on them.

The Presidential Caucus of the People’s Democratic Party takes place on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, Osogbo.

Most of the roads in the city were closed as both commercial vehicles and motorcyclists as well as private vehicles had to take alternative routes.

Residents also complained about the traffic congestion as most of them were not aware of the presidential rally scheduled for today in Osogbo.

While complaining that most of the roads to Osogbo have been blocked off by security personnel, Adebole Damilare, a commercial motorcyclist told the DAILY POST that he and others who work in this field have had to increase their wages because of the importance of the mode of transportation.

He added that prices had already been raised due to the scarcity of fuel in the state but the traffic congestion caused by the PDP presidential rally had tripled the price hike.

“We have to start taking other roads and going to the streets to take our passengers to their destinations. Normally, we would have taken to the main road but now we are spreading our knowledge of shortcuts to satisfy our passengers.”

One resident, Moritala Akande, said roads such as Olaiya, Alekuwodo, Okefia, Ring Road, Malam Tope and Igbona have been blocked.

“I was coming from Oke-Onitea this morning and the Korope (minibus) driver taking me to work at Dada Estate had to negotiate until we got to Awosuru and then out onto Iwo Road.

“For me, the distance was like a journey for an Israeli because we spent more than an hour on the road for only 10 minutes.”

Most carriers traveling to Ilorin and Ufa made it to the outer ring road, avoiding the city altogether so as not to get stuck in traffic.

Jamio Mohamed, a civil servant, revealed that coming from the outskirts of Osogbo was crowded for him on a normal day and that the traffic congestion caused by the presidential rally of the People’s Democratic Party made the day a nightmare for him and his family members.

“I don’t have a car and on normal days it’s a bit difficult to come to Osogbo from where I live, but today I’m sorry to be out of my house.

“As a civil servant I have a job to go to if he wasn’t, today would have been a good day to go to my farm and do some work there.”

Others lamented that there was no difference between the APC administration being in the saddle and now that the PDP is in control of the country, there has been no noticeable change.

“The APC is going to block all the roads and now the PDP is picking up where it left off. It can still get a vicious circle.”

People’s Democratic Party presidential rally: Osogbo residents lament the traffic congestion and hardship

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