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Peter Obi: Isaac Palami delivers polling stations in Borno

Labor candidate Peter Opie won the polls for the party’s national campaign manager, Isaac Palamy, in Saturday’s presidential election.

According to the result announced in unit polling on Saturday night, the liberal Labor Party won by crushing margins against the ruling Progressive Congress Party (APC) and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

In the polling unit, Maimalam Day Secondary School, 033, the Labor Party received 158 votes, the PDP was a distant second with 109 votes, and the ruling APC, only 37 votes.

While in Baga Road Motto Park, 020 polling unit, LP got 119 votes, PDP came second with 68 votes and APC came third with 21 votes.

In the polling unit of Bwala, Palamie’s ancestral home, the LP won with 27 votes, the DPP came second with 22 votes, and the PWP came third with 12 votes.

The result boosts Peter Obi’s popularity with audiences in the North East as he continues his quest to become Nigeria’s president.

Peter Obi: Isaac Palami delivers polling units in Borno

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