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Peter Obi: Solodo’s Explosion Is Driven By Hate And Selfish Interests – Labor Party

The Labor Party responded to the verbal attack on Peter Obi, the Labor presidential candidate by Anambra State Governor Charles Solodo.

Soludo drew a hornet’s nest when he announced that Obi knew he wasn’t going to win the election but was just playing drama.

Since then, angry backlash has slowed the eruption of eruption.

In a statement made available to the DAILY POST on Wednesday, signed by President Innocent Sunday Okeke (Doru Agumba), Vice President of the National Workers Party, South East, he said Soludo allowed hate and selfishness to make sense of logical thinking.

Okeke said that the ruler of Anambra, hitherto well respected, now belittled himself for the tirade against Obi.

“The Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Chukuma Solodo is highly respected and beloved by the Nde Igbo as one of the shining lights and great academia of the extremely rich culture of the great Igbo kingdom.

“Like many great Igbo men of today he achieved coming from a background of nothing to become a human dynamo.

He was not born with a silver spoon nor descended from blue blood, but he broke the jinx of poverty. From his rural village of Isuofia in Aguata LGA, Anambra State, he has flown around the world to live his dreams.

With these, Nde Igbo and the whole of Nigeria see him as one of the greatest Igbo leaders with dignity and respect.

But just like the story of crumbling groups, Professor Solodu began somersaulting from his top in dignity and respect, not living up to the expectations of the people who looked up to him to be a shining example of a new Igbo chief.

“Soludo, an intelligent professor with a high reputation, allowed his narrow-minded nature to betray him,” he said.

Okeke added, “Hate is an evil state of mind that can cloud the normal sense of thought when possessed. And that is exactly what happened in Professor Solodo’s absurd outburst over Peter Obi’s government investment in Anambra in 2014.

“By hating Peter Obi, Soludo hastened to forget that investment and financial savings came together. The indisputable fact remains that Obi saved for the future of his state (Anambra) N75b naira, and $50 million in each of the three commercial banks that exist today , and 3.5 billion in the international brewery.

He handed this investment over to a new (conservative) manager, who never denied knowledge of the investments. Whether the manager (conservative) has taken good care of the investment is another day’s discussion. The former has been handed over to Soludo, and now Soludo is casting his spell on Mr Obi 9 years after he left office with verifiable savings and gratuitous investment condemned by the entire Igbo and Nigeria in general.

“An international brewery as we know it today that employs 10,000 Anambrarians is not a bad investment, and depreciation is a Nigerian problem that has affected the shares of every company.”

“Soludo should have used the wisdom of silence even if he hates Mr. Obi so much, but for the sake of the Nigerian project, stand by the masses.”

He advised the governor to watch it as it moved forward and to avoid causing serious embarrassment to himself and the government, considering that he also needed the support of the people to achieve this.

Peter Obi: Solodo’s Explosion Is Driven By Hate And Selfish Interests – Labor Party

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