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Peter Obi: The real reason we refuse to use the Samuel Opimudia-Obaseki Stadium

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki on Friday explained why his government would not allow Peter Obe’s Labor Party (LP) to use Samuel Ogbemodia Stadium for a rally in the state.

Obaseki said the Edo government received a notice 24 hours before the event, adding that the approval notice arrived too late.

He revealed this while appearing on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday.

According to him, he believed the Liberal Party to be more serious and expected more from the Party.

Obaseki said, “Well, there are several gathering places in Benin, I heard they are [Labour Party] I applied on Wednesday night to hold a rally at Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium on Friday morning, which gave us one day’s notice.

“The tracks in that stadium are still under warranty. The stadium has to be maintained in a certain position. So it is not just another facility that you can enter and use without preparation. If they knew they had a rally on Friday morning, why couldn’t they give a little more time and even notice? We can give them the conditions under which they can use the stadium.”

Meanwhile, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Obasiki’s party, used the stadium for a rally on October 22.

“Same thing we did with the PDP when they wanted to use the presentation. The only reason we allowed the PDP to go up was because it was used as an opportunity to commission this facility. Other than that, most other gatherings are taking place in other large areas around the city.”

I expected more from Labor. I thought they’re more serious, you can’t plan a Friday crowd and give less than 2 days.

“I spoke to my friend Peter Obi the night before he told me he was coming to state, and we gave him every compliment, including security and some logistics, but I didn’t know they were coming in for the gatherings.

“For me, the issues didn’t even come to me. The people on the Sports Committee knew what to do, and they did it professionally.”

Peter Obi: The real reason we refuse to use the Samuel Opimudia-Obaseki Stadium

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