“Please don’t call me bad news.” Yul Edochie, the alleged wife-kidnapper, has issued a warning to friends and colleagues.

Controversial Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor and alleged kidnapper of his wife, used social media to warn his friends and colleagues not to contact him about the bad news.

Yul Edochie, who made headlines after marrying a second wife who turned out to be married, said in a video posted to his Facebook page that his friends and colleagues should only contact him for business deals.

He warned them not to contact him when negative reports about him appeared online because he didn’t care.

“Yul is now sleeping in his car now oh yeah it’s not easy but in the meantime Mr Obasi Sha’s stolen wife stopped me for speaking my mind she said she was not married but still troubled with her conscience,” one Iamireneije wrote in response to the video Its own “Trop it Pecos from Gboso Gboose”.

“This man has not exceeded 2.2 million since this saga increased in one place he and his wife’s bag of rice,” wrote Merciaidoko.

“Well there is a married woman who wants you to make her your third wife, so she can leave her husband and marry you with her three children, I know that’s the kind of call you want to take, a woman snatcher,” Alicesamule64 wrote.

Abujapigs1 wrote; “You only feed 7 mouths of babies in the YouTube movies,” Times are tough, but if you counted the Obasi babies, you’d have way fewer mouths to feed. “As much as I don’t like what you’ve done to Queen May, it’s really sad to see you go down like this,” he continued. “Don’t make me happy. Anyway, everyone should be held accountable for his actions. No doubt this scandal is costing you money. We’ve only seen In One Week YouTube Films Produced by Judy Austin You are more famous than famous; you will never appear in a motion picture as big as Zuby.

"Please don't call me bad news." Yul Edochie, the alleged wife-kidnapper, has issued a warning to friends and colleagues.

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