Police officer injured as lorries crash during M25 blockade

aAn officer was injured after two trucks collided with a police motorcycle on the M25 as the Just Stop Oil protests were taking place.

Two people were also arrested for causing public inconvenience as the climate group began its third day of work on the busy highway.

Essex Police said the “serious” incident, which occurred on Wednesday morning, led to the closure of the roads between the G26 and the G27 in a clockwise direction.

The force confirmed that the collision and the subsequent injury of a police officer was the result of activists who were demonstrating in the area.

Essex Police told The Telegraph: “One person has been arrested as officers responded quickly to reports of people trying to reach crossing bridges on the M25.

“Initially, the officers intervened to deal with a protester on the highway between Intersection 26 and 27. As a result, a rolling roadblock was put in place.

Then there was a collision between two trucks and a police motorcycle.

Thank God the biker was not seriously injured.

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said the collision this morning was a “horrific situation” but compounded its case, adding: “In normal circumstances this would be unacceptable.”

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