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Police take over the Ekiti State House of Representatives

The House of Representatives in Ekiti was closed due to rumors of a planned invasion by some people.

A Daily Post reporter who visited the compound reported that police officers were strategically located in the complex to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

The association’s employees were also seen leaving their offices to their homes.

In an interview, some of the workers who did not wish to be named explained that there was an order from the Ekiti State Police Command asking the workers to vacate the compound for the sake of peace, and stated that some people were planning to attack a mob’s house.

However, the Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Representatives, President Gboyega Aribisogan, said during a phone call that there is no crisis in the House.

It should be noted that Chief Gboyga Aribisogan was elected yesterday as the new President of the Assembly after defeating Mrs. Olubunmi Adlogba of Emori-Ekiti.

Police take over the Ekiti State House of Representatives

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