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Premier League: He had a huge impact – Ten Hag singles out Manchester United after Fulham win

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag chose to praise Alejandro Garnacho after his 2-1 win over Fulham on Sunday.

Garnacho came off the bench to score an injury-time winner for the Red Devils at Craven Cottage.

Dan James called off Christian Eriksen’s opener and the match was looking to tie until he hit the 18-year-old.

“It’s a massive win and Alejandro Garnacho had a huge impact. He finished and then always highlighted that and that’s justified because it was a great finish.

“That’s what we expect from the upcoming Subs but you have to do it and I’m really happy with his progress. We have one more player on the team.

“I’m happy for the academy to have brought in players – and coaches, who have done a good job.

“So, great, but also, I want to emphasize the way we scored that goal, all the way from the back to the front, and it showed our composure. I think it was a huge, great help from Christian Eriksen.

“It would be weird if I said I know [what would happen] Before [sending Garnacho on]. It’s the feeling you get a little bit. You need an eye for that.

“Sometimes I’m wrong too, but in this case you’ve seen his improvement in the past months and you can see his potential.

“We knew this was the right point to bring him up, but you couldn’t tell he’d have such an effect before.

“It shows what true talent can do. But he still has a long way to go. He has to keep his feet on the ground.

“He has to make more investment because he will be known to everyone, so it is very important to confirm that. The big players know that. Young players don’t.

“Now, a four-week break is really dangerous for him, because he’s now having momentum. Let’s see how he comes back. We’ll have to deal with that with him, but when his energy is good I’m sure it will have an effect,” said Tin Hag.

Premier League: He had a huge impact – Ten Hag singles out Manchester United after Fulham win

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