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Premier League: He’ll bleed for his shirt, what a player – Evra names the Manchester United star he loves

Former Manchester United vice-captain Patrice Evra has indicated that he loves defender Lisandro Martinez because the Argentine plays with his heart.

According to him, Martinez is ready to bleed for the jersey, adding that his diminutive stature does not matter.

Martinez, who is currently with Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar, has enjoyed an impressive start to his Manchester United career after joining the Premier League giants from Ajax in the summer.

“This is one of the best deals we’ve had in years at Manchester United,” Evra told Vibe with Five YouTube channel.

Because of his fighting spirit. That’s what [Manchester United] United fans want to see – these players have to bleed for the shirt.

People were talking about his height, and I was laughing. Some people said I was too young when I got to the Premier League too. When you play with that heart and passion, size doesn’t matter.

“When he gets the ball, he’s very clean and composed. Mexico was pressing all over [during Argentina’s World Cup game against Mexico], but every time he got the ball, he was calm and played forward. That’s what I love.

“He doesn’t play those one-meter balls to the next player. That’s easy. When I see those stats – I remember[Permertesackerat Arsenal, the stats said he never lost the ball]- but he passed a meter, I could do it every day[PerMertesackeratArsenalthestatssaidwheneverlosttheball–buthewaspassingitonemetreIcandothateveryday[بيرميرتساكرفيآرسنال،قالتالإحصائياتإنهلميفقدالكرةأبدًا-لكنهكانيمررهامترًاواحدًا،يمكننيفعلذلككليوم[PerMertesackeratArsenalthestatssaidheneverlosttheball–buthewaspassingitonemetreIcandothateveryday

“But Martinez passes the ball through the lines like Michael Carrick. That’s what he does, and I love that. What a player, what a player.”

Premier League: He’ll bleed for his shirt, what a player – Evra names the Manchester United star he loves

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