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Presidency 2023: It is too early to speculate on who will succeed Buhari Beller

The Member of Parliament representing the Isin/Etisiwago/Kagula/Iwagwa Federal Constituency of Oyo State, The Honorable Sheena Abiola Peeler, stated that it is too early to predict who will succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

The lawmaker made the disclosure on Saturday, via a statement made available to the DAILY POST.

Daily reports indicate that the 2023 presidential election is scheduled for February next year.

It has been gathered that the presidential candidates of various political parties vying to succeed Buhari are going around the country to get votes from Nigerians.

But Beeler, one of the lawmakers, said it was too early to speculate who would win the election among the two candidates.

Piller, the GNA candidate for Oyo North district in the Senate in 2023, called on youth to stop prioritizing the presidential elections as the most important.

He added that the presidential election should be considered the least important of all elections.

It is disturbing, he added, that since ninety-eight days until the 2023 elections, many Nigerians are looking for a presidential candidate as the messiah instead of working in concert towards achieving a job system that works for all.

In a statement made available to the DAILY POST on Saturday, Beller explained that whoever succeeds the President of Nigeria should not be the first thing on people’s minds.

However, he said he is convinced that young people, especially students, can decide who wins the election because they have the population.

And task young people with using their power and population to elect credible leaders in 2023.

“I think the presidential election is not the most important thing in Nigeria,” Beller said. “The most important thing now is to develop a system that works for everyone.

“One man cannot make a system. The president is just a part of the system and he cannot deal alone with the critical issues that affect us as a country.

“It is too early for anyone to confidently expect that by January 1, 2023, the people will know whose brightest prospects are. The president is just one person out of the system, who cannot veto critical issues that affect us as a country.”

Presidency 2023: It is too early to speculate on who will succeed Buhari Beller

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