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Presidential Election: Time to Save Nigeria – Pastor Eninch delivers a message to the judiciary

Dr Paul Eninch, Senior Chaplain at Dunamis International Gospel Center, DIGC, has warned the Nigerian judiciary not to be compromised in electoral cases brought before it recently.

The popular man of God, who was responding to alleged manipulation of the presidential election results by Independent National Election Commission officials, recalled a similar case in Malawi.

The Daily Post reports that opposition parties, notably the HDP, PDP and Labor party have rejected the just concluded presidential election which resulted in All Progressives Congress APC candidate Paula Tinubu as elected president.

Opposition parties alleged that the elections were rigged by the ruling party, by voting, hijacking of ballot boxes and other bad practices.

Both parties challenged the process in court, seeking to annul Tinubu’s victory.

Responding to the controversies over the outcome of the election, Enenshi on Monday, in a personally signed statement, pointed out how an opposition party had regained its mandate through the judiciary after an incumbent party rigged the elections in Malawi.

He called on the Nigerian judiciary to do the right thing while passing judgment on cases already brought by the affected political parties.

He said, “Nigeria’s judiciary now has a choice either to compromise its values ​​or to uphold justice. It is a choice to walk the path of integrity and honour, or to slide on the brink of disgrace.”

It is time to save Nigeria and put it on the path of electoral justice, peace and development, and we believe that the judiciary will do the right thing.

“Like Malawi, the Nigerian judiciary now has a golden opportunity to etch its name in gold by ensuring that democracy remains government of the people, by the people and for the people, and not an article for sale to the highest bidder.”

Presidential Election: Time to Save Nigeria – Pastor Eninch delivers a message to the judiciary

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