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Primate Ayodele warns of political tension and war in the United States

INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church leader, Church President Elijah Ayodele has warned of the dangerous political tension and war situation in the USA.

In a statement signed by his media assistant, Ocho Oluwatusin, President Ayodele explained that the country would suffer a crisis that would bring the country into a state of war within ten years.

Talking about how this happened, the man of God said that the politician will lose the elections and will not want to concede.

He pointed out that refusal to concede would lead to attacks, outbreak of fire and destruction of life and property if care was not taken.

β€œIn ten years, there will be political tension and crisis in the United States that will bring the country to a state of war. The politician will lose the election and will not want to concede.

This will cause problems and lead to attacks, arson and destruction of lives and property.

Republicans and Democrats should beware of the divisions that will lead to the downfall of America, and they should be vigilant.”

Prime Minister Ayodele also gave a hint regarding the ambition of Mike Pence, former US Vice President.

The Prophet declared that he had a chance to be the President of America if he listened to God’s guidance.

He made it clear that his administration as president would restore America’s glory and make America great again.

Mike Pence has a chance to become the next president of America if he listens to God’s instructions. If he becomes president of America, he will rearrange immigration law that will help immigrants.

He will restore America’s lost glory to stabilize the nation’s economy. God will bless his administration to make America great again.”

Primate Ayodele warns of political tension and war in the United States

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