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Put the official vehicles back into your custody – Osun tells the government’s former appointees, Owetola, the wife

The former Governor of Osun State, Gboyega Oyetola, his wife, Kavyat Oyetola and other former political appointees have been directed to immediately return the official vehicles in their possession.

The directive was issued by the Osun State Government’s Asset Recovery Commission on Friday in Osogbo.

The directive was announced in a statement signed by Olawal Rasheed, spokesperson for Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke and obtained by the Daily Post.

The Asset Recovery Commission chaired by Beshiro Tokunbo Salam revealed the value of the vehicles to be 2.9 billion naira, adding that the former officials had disappeared along with various models of vehicles without any legal basis for such action.

The statement revealed, “As of today, there is no law that authorizes any elected or appointed officials to go with state vehicles after their term ends.

The chair of the Asset Recovery Committee, Dr. PT Salami, reported that due diligence was conducted and the committee concluded that the affected former officials should return government vehicles in their possession.

“This is the first batch of vehicles to be recovered. We will soon reach the second batch. All affected officials should immediately return the vehicles in their possession to avoid coercive measures to recover state assets.”

The commission also revealed that “in the list of affected officials, Governor Oyetola alone has 11 cars ranging from Lexus jeeps, Toyota Prados, and various models of expensive vehicles. The wife, Mrs. Kafayat, also owns many government cars that were taken from her in violation of the provisions of the law.”

Other former officials listed include former direct special counsel for security, former chief detail, former personal assistant to the governor, former special assistants to the governor, former senior special assistants, former special advisors, former local government presidents and members, former board chairs and members, president Ex Staff, Ex Deputy Chief of Staff, Ex Deputy Governor, Ex Secretary to State Government, Ex Commissioners among others.

The former deputy governor has more than seven government cars in his custody, contrary to the provisions of the law.

“Senator, Oriolowo was also instructed to return to the Osun State Agricultural Development Program with five machines namely grader, bulldozer, soil compactor and others.”

The committee urged affected former government officials to comply with directive or risk enforcement procedures.

Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke revealed on his inauguration day on 27 November 2022 that he will issue an executive order forming a committee to recover assets from officials in the overrun administration of Adegboyega Oyetola.

Also, during the inauguration of the commission, the Lieutenant Governor of the state, Kola Adewosi, publicly disclosed that the Lieutenant Governor’s official residences were nothing to write about.

Adewusi decried the high level of looting that occurred in the neighbourhoods.

In his own defense, the former deputy governor, Benedict Olabi, stated that he had left the official neighborhood months before his term ended.

The former Oyetola administration officials also declared that the vehicles in their possession had been legally signed off by the state government under Adegboyega Oyetola.

They also accused Governor Adeleke of withholding the November salaries of former political appointees who served during the decrepit administration.

It is a claim that the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) called on the state assembly to step in and find a permanent solution to.

Put the official vehicles back into your custody – Osun tells the government’s former appointees Owetola, the wife

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