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Rivers APC is calling for the suspension of Oshiomole and Umahi for anti-party activities

The Rivers State All Progressives Conference called for the suspension of former APC national chairman Adams Oshiumole and Ebonyi State governor Dave Omahi for alleged “anti-party activities”.

The party accused its supporters of engaging in anti-party activities when they visited Rivers State at the invitation of Governor Nesom Wake to commission some projects.

The duo said at separate times when they commissioned the two projects that they would not campaign for the APC gubernatorial candidate in Rivers State.

On November 16, 2022, Oshiomole said during the commissioning of the Rumuepirikorm-Ada George fly-over: “I saw the reason why Governor Wike won the APC at Rivers State. Wike has strong, energetic guys to work with, and he’s used to winning my party over. Wike will let me go with some of them from Rivers State to Edo State. ”

On November 22, 2022, Governor Omahi during the commissioning of the Akpabu-Omodioga-Egbeda Road was quoted as saying, ‘I’ve tried a lot, I’ve tried a lot, the only day you’ll see me in Rivers State campaigning is the day we come here from For the presidential campaign, no matter what, you will never see me again because all the other incumbents will win.”

In a letter of protest dated November 23, 2022 and addressed to APC National President Adamu Abdullahi, Rivers State APC President, Emeka Beck said the party had become a laughing stock in the state after the activities of those he described. As disaffected party leaders, anti-party activities run in their veins.

The APC chairman said it was disappointing that any time party leaders visited Rivers State they openly made “scandalous remarks”, demoralizing APC members in Rivers State, all in an effort to appease Governor Wake. .

In the letter, Beck called for sanctions against the leaders of both parties saying that party members in Rivers State were no longer happy with said anti-party activities.

read the letter in parts; In respect of the above complaints, we demand the following;

1. An unreserved public apology from HE Adams Oshiomole and HE Dave Umahi on live TV in seven days.

2. A warning or letter of comment instead on HE Adams Oshiomole and HE Dave Umahi for anti-party activities.

3. Directive attached with penalty, that from now on, anyone coming into the Rivers State on the urging of Governor Wake must stop talking trash and campaigning against APC candidates in the Rivers State.

“Categorically Sir, we wish to inform you, that if this matter is not properly dealt with and our above positions granted and executed, we will resort to taking our destinies into our own hands. Remember, we are not constrained from visiting Edo and Ebonyi states to answer to His Excellency Adams Oshiomole and His Excellency Dave Omahi While we also coexist with the opposition.”

Rivers APC is calling for the suspension of Oshiomole and Umahi for anti-party activities

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