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Security forces neutralize notorious bandit leader “Dogo Maekaswa” in Kaduna

The Kaduna State Government has officially reported that Dojo Maekaswa, a notorious bandit leader, has come to an end, after an era of terrorizing citizens and evading security forces.

A statement issued on Friday in Kaduna by the Commissioner of the Ministry of Homeland Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Arwan said: “This development was announced in the operational reactions of the security services. A blurred photo of the neutral gang leader is attached to this statement.”

“The painstaking investigations revealed atrocities he committed with impunity in hard-to-reach locations,” the statement added.

It revealed that the notorious terrorist, Dogo Maikaswa, also known as “Dogo Mimilion” led a series of attacks and kidnappings of citizens roaming the Kaduna-Katchia road, and in communities within the Chikun and Kagoro local government areas, describing him as one of the deadliest bandit elements driving Others intimidate citizens in those public areas.

The statement explained that he always wore a green military uniform and carried an AK47 rifle and that this was his appearance during a fatal duel with the security forces.

“It was also found that he led the bandits to engage in brutal operations, often killing the kidnapped when ransoms were delayed or considered meager,” the statement added.

The statement explained that in his last battle, the notorious thief accompanied by his soldiers was ambushed by elements in a forest in the general area of ​​Ginger-Kasu, around the Chikun and Kagoro borders, stressing that the security forces after the fierce battle succeeded in neutralizing the gang leader and recovered the AK-47 rifle and one magazine. Five rounds of ammunition, two motorcycles and one set of camouflage uniforms.

The statement confirmed that the other thieves survived with bullet wounds, while one of them later died of his wounds sustained in the fierce battle, and his body was taken by other fugitives.

The statement added that Kaduna State Governor Malam Nasir Al-Rifai gratefully received the remarks and commended the individuals for their bravery in the fierce battle against the bandits.

Security forces neutralize notorious bandit leader “Dogo Maekaswa” in Kaduna

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