Shocking video shows woman dragging dog behind mobility scooter

The RSPCA has rescued a dog who was filmed being dragged along a road by a woman riding a motorcycle.

A video circulating online showed the dog was unable to stand as it was being transported along a street in Birmingham.

Someone filming the footage from a nearby car can be heard yelling at the woman: “You hurt your dog. You hit the curb.

“The dog is going to die you know, brother. The dog is going to die, stop the bad guy.”

The woman can be seen looking at the camera before turning away, muttering something inaudible and continuing down the road.

The clip caused panic online after it was shared by the “Birmz Is Grime” blog on Twitter, prompting police and the RSPCA to launch an investigation.

The animal charity has now confiscated the dog and is being examined by a vet while their investigation continues.

“Why didn’t anyone stop her?”

A RSPCA spokesperson said: “Police have confiscated a dog seen in a video posted online who is now in the care of the RSPCA and is being examined by a vet.

“Our investigation is ongoing so we will not release any further information at this time, but we would like to thank West Midlands Police for their assistance with this investigation and for helping to find the dog so quickly.”

One commented, “Why didn’t anyone stop her?”

Another situation: “Has this been reported. It’s horrific.”

A third wrote: “Poor dog. I hope they find the woman driving the car and take the dog from her.”

Another added simply: “This is disgusting.”

A West Midlands Police spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday: “We are aware of a distressing video circulating on social media of a dog.

“We were told that this happened somewhere in Errington, Birmingham over the past few days.

“We are currently looking into this to see if we have received any reports and will also coordinate with the RSPCA.”

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