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Sinobu will defeat Atiku and Obi and I predict the saga of Abiola – Nabi Olujube

Nabi Bessi Olugubi says he expects the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate Paula Tinubu to win.

The general superintendent of Christ Church International in Quito, Lagos, said this in a statement on Tuesday.

Olujubi said that despite the “confusion, intrigue, suspense, uncertainty and many predictions called prophecies from various priests”, Tinubu would win.

Tinubu is seeking to lead Nigeria after more than three decades of politics and alliances that boosted President Muhammadu Buhari’s chances in the 2015 and 2019 elections.

The former Lagos governor is running against other leading candidates, Atiku Abubakar (PDP), Peter Obi (LP) and Rabio Kwankwaso (NNPP).

Noting that Tinubu’s “victory is certain”, Olugobi remarked that he would need “wisdom and great self-control as he battles a stronger inner conspiracy”.

He urged the cleric Tinubu to “be wise like a snake and meek like a dove if he does not want his victory to turn around like (MEK) Abiola”.

Those close to him should warn him and, if possible, interpret this message. I see his victory, but I do not see him ruling unless he prays well.

The statement added that the outcome of the 2023 general elections should be the primary concern of all Nigerians.

Satan plans to shed blood, and this is what I warned about last year. “Let everyone engage in intense prayer against the race war as a result of this election,” Olugubi advised.

Sinobu will defeat Atiku and Obi and I predict the saga of Abiola – Nabi Olujube

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