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Street cleaners in Calabar kicked protesters out of the governor’s office

About 50 old women and grandmothers, who had worked every morning to sweep the streets of Calabar, were thrown out of the gate of Governor Ben Ayada’s office on Tuesday afternoon.

They had gathered at the two main gates of the 120-year-old Hope Waddel Training Institute and the gate to the governor’s office.

The street cleaners in the governor’s office were lamenting that they had not received the monthly salary of N5, 000 for six months.

One of the grandmothers, who asked not to be named so as not to be punished by her supervisors, said she was from Calabar, south of LG in the state.

“We came here to inform the governor that for six months we have not been paid our monthly salaries. Our counterparts in the Calabar Municipal Council have been paid. When we demanded yesterday to know why we were not included in the payment, the officials intimidated us and kicked us out; in the process one of us was hit by a car.”

And she continued, “Today, since we had heard that the governor was in the office, we came to stand at the gate, at least, so that when he came home, he would see us at the gate, and perhaps ask questions. [But]One of them came and ordered us to leave the place before the security men used a whip on us.”

Another elderly woman lamented that she did not have the money to buy food for her children to celebrate the upcoming Christmas.

“They owe us, but they all bought food and Christmas clothes for their children, and they let us go on starving and borrowing,” she said.

No state government official was willing to speak as they were all busy in a meeting with the governor.

Last year, some street cleaners were beaten by government agents when they protested that they had not been paid for months.

Street cleaners in Calabar kicked protesters out of the governor’s office

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