Tabbous was angry at the lies and honestly

Tokunbo Idowu, better known as TBoss, one of Nigeria’s reality TV stars has sparked outrage over the lies and honesty of celebrities and netizens.

The mother of one who posted her Instagram stories to express her anger said she is troubled by the hypocrisy of netizens who portray themselves as good human beings when in reality they are not. I wrote: I am bothered by the hypocrisy of people on this app.

Talking about loyalty and painting themselves to be good humans when in reality, you are the most evil and most deceitful of all creatures. “How is that even possible? Like don’t you see yourself for who you really are or are you too focused on making a picture of someone who might not have been there at all? And don’t get me started on those goddamn gods when we know what you’re going to do!!! Sheeesssshhhh – You make me really sick at my stomach.

In her other post, TBoss noted that things are expensive in the country, yet celebrities lie more in their daily lives. I wrote: “Country Hard Things coss d*e” However our “celebs” lie even harder… The pressure is really getting higher because of the fake lifestyle of all of you because of Yoooo. Come. Don’t come too seriously. Kimmy Villani notes that TBoss’ outrage comes after Instagram story maker, content creator and influencer, Amarachi Amusi aka Ashmusy left a lot of talk by revealing how much money she spends daily.

The influencer who made the shocking revelation on her verified Instagram page wondered if she was the only one who spends at least $2 million on life’s problems every day. According to her, she does not know where the bills come from, but they keep coming. She wrote: “Please, am I the only one who spends at least two million people on life’s problems a day? I mean daily….is it just me? I don’t know where these bills come from but they sure come. They fall like manna from above…like a bum! Hmm They just show….pay 400k for this. 700k for this etc. Like whooo whyyy whatttt howwww Everyday”.

Tepos says she likes to answer stupid questions with stupid answers

Kimmy Villani remembers TBoss wasting her year answering unrelated questions. TBoss, 38, took to her Instagram story to reveal what kind of question the housekeeper asked her, despite knowing the exact answer without asking. She also joked that there is nothing she likes more than answering stupid questions with more stupid answers.

She wrote, “There is nothing I love more than answering stupid questions with more stupid answers. The thrill he gives me must be punished. The housekeeper passes by my bathroom, and she saw me in the shower taking a shower and asked me, mama, are you taking a shower? Me: No oh, I’m over A mango tree is uprooted because you want to be an idiot!!!! “Hey girl just burst out laughing”.

Tabbous was angry at the lies and honestly

Tabbous was angry at the lies and honestly

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