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Take decisive action to combat corruption – the group says FG

The Media Rights Agenda (MRA) leadership has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to take decisive action towards combating corruption in the country by empowering citizens with information through effective implementation of the Freedom of Information Act 2011.

The call came on Friday morning via a press release marking the International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD). The statement, which was signed by Maimuna Momoh, Program Officer of the Ministry of External Affairs, and made available to the DAILY POST, said doing so would go a long way to bring about transparency and accountability in governance.

According to the statement, “the rampant corruption in Nigeria not only undermines democracy in the country” but also “corrupts the electoral process, distorts the course of justice and the rule of law.”

The Ministry of Religious Affairs claimed that taking measures that would help in combating corruption would help in addressing the aforementioned ills.

The group stressed that the Freedom of Information Act has the potential to rein in rampant corruption in the country because it will instill transparency in governance, and argued that the need for the government to be at the center to ensure its full implementation can no longer be ignored.

The Ministry of Information noted that without an effective freedom of information framework, most specific stakeholder groups, particularly the media, the private sector, civil society, academia, youth and the public, cannot play a meaningful role in eradicating corruption.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed its dismay that, despite the robust anti-corruption platform on which President Muhammadu Buhari had guided his election to the post of President more than seven years ago, his administration had not demonstrated any decisive or concerted effort to ensure effective implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.

However, the group argues that it is not too late for the President to give much-needed recognition to the Freedom of Information Act, noting that it will enable him to write his name in the sands of time.

Take decisive action to combat corruption – the group says FG

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