Tariq Mustafa: I will not accept working with Ferreira and the Moroccan league is difficult

Tarik Mostafa, the former football player of “Zamalek” and the current Moroccan team, technical director of “Olympic Asfi”, announced the possibility of him working as an assistant coach in the technical staff of “White Knight” accompanied by Portuguese Gisvaldo Ferreira.

“Honestly, the only person I work with as an assistant is Jose Mourinho,” said Tariq Mustafa in a televised statement to the Zamalek satellite channel through the Zamalekwi program.

Tariq Mustafa: Al-Ahly beat Zamalek for a reason.. Ferrera put Al-Vardin in the wrong position

He added: “Ferreira is a great coach with a lot of experience and any coach would want to take advantage of him, but the secondary stage is over.”

And he added: “I worked several times as a technical director in the UAE and Morocco.”

He concluded his words like this: “With respect to all coaches, it is very difficult for any coach to work in the Moroccan league.”

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