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Tarpan laments the high food prices, and others in light of the scarcity of fuel

The increasing cost of foodstuffs in the nooks and crannies of Taraba State has undoubtedly become a concern for the people of the state.

It was noted that some consumers, who expressed concern about the current high prices of foodstuffs across the state, urged governments at all levels to urgently intensify measures to address the situation.

As they spoke to the Daily Post on Tuesday in Jalingo and its environs, the situation as they announced was starting to make life unbearable for them.

People who have linked the sharp increase in the price of petrol pumping to the apron chain of rising food costs, want the government to come up with ways to wade in order to alleviate the unspeakable hardships that the masses are currently going through.

Eliciting the current prices of various foodstuffs in Jalingo’s main market, Azubuike Innocent, who claimed that “the situation has gotten very bad,” believes that “it is not too late for the government to step in.”

The government, he suggested, “could come to the rescue of the poor masses by buying sufficient quantities of food and selling it to the masses at a subsidized price.”

“Just like the way they use to bring in fertilizer in bulk and sell it to farmers at a cheaper price, I think they can also do the same by buying and selling food for those of us who find it hard to sustain at cheaper prices.”

In aligning her weight with that of Innocent, Hajia Husna Omar told our correspondent that the current economic situation of the state portends negatively “for all of us.”

She stressed that the situation “does not want to know what religion you practice or what political party you belong to or what language you speak” to vote for credible leaders in the upcoming general elections, and she believed that it would be the surest way out of the current impasses.

Husna, who was also of the opinion that the current price of petrol pump price has also contributed greatly to “what we are now going through in this state and the country as a whole,” called on the present governments in the state and the country to recover their battered images “by addressing all this nonsense before leaving the office .”

It was noted that the songs of lamentations of Innocent, Hassana and other participants who kept their minds from being posted daily in Jalingo, were not unlike people from other local government councils in the state who spoke with our correspondent.

Tarpan laments the high food prices, and others in light of the scarcity of fuel

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