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Temidayo Akinyele: Former Ogun Administration and Incomplete Model Schools

It was the British political publicist, Ernest Paine, who said, “Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them whether they exist or not, diagnosing them incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy,” but a report titled “Amoson’s Unfinished Model” emphasized abandoned schools and rot in Ogun Communities” Posted December 31, 2022 for providing the aforementioned publicity. The political season is at its peak and we have to be careful what we read and listen to because, right now, most of the novels are mired in propaganda and outright lies.

An Ogun native, resident or lover of Ogun may never forgive the previous administration of Senator Ibekunle Amosun for the many difficulties and problems he plunged the country into. Often, achievement is always a harbinger of comparison. Before Senator Ibekunle Amosun left office as Governor of Ogun State, he had imprinted discomfort on the faces and minds of the people of Ogun State. From house demolitions without adequate compensation to the victims, abandoned road projects – a frustrating challenge which the present administration has inherited from it – the huge corresponding financial debt of N202 billion on road construction alone, to the N27billion unfinished model school project.

Senator Amoson has literally turned the country into an Augean stables that it takes only a calm and visionary person to clear up the mess. It is where Amosun’s government became weak, that Abiodun’s government chose challenges to operate from. While Amosun focused on Ogun Central alone, Abiodun in the past four years has sprayed his project all over the state and has usefully converted some of Amosun’s unfinished projects for their use.

Education is the main source of livelihood for any nation. Therefore, at every moment, the nation stands between education and destruction. The nation lives and triumphs in promoting the quality of education, and dies and perishes by neglecting its education. Education is life. Ignorance is death. While education was ailing in Ogun State, Sen Amosun nearly euthanized it by misplaced his priority of building 26 “world-class” model secondary schools across the state’s 20 local governments.

Many of the people who worked with him during his “regime” not only complained about his obstinacy and narcissistic nature, but also groaned at his habit of single-handed management when planning policies and events with other members of his cabinet. This negative attitude has become public in his quest to destroy Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, an institution named after the largest benefactor of education in Ogun State, by relocating it. All attempts to prevent the transfer of state leaders, employees, parents and students from the institution fell on deaf ears: it was God. drunk power. And he can do anything he likes: this is his nature, his love of power is on the same wavelength with his love of using it in a disastrous way. This unique measure negatively affected both the financial activity and the academic strength of the school.

In some areas such as the Oke Odo community of Ago-Iwoye, and the Northern Ijebu local government, the Amosun snatched acres of land from farmers without consulting or compensating them. Their crops were destroyed, they lost their land and their livelihood, but they rejoice in the fact that it was for a course that would develop their society, unfortunately, it ended up being an unfinished project that will not benefit the community and those who have made sacrifices for the sake of the project. The story is roughly the same in many local governments.

However, the goal-oriented and financially savvy administration of Prince Dabo-Abiodun had made modifications to some of the model school buildings and put them into use. For example, the Tech Hub on Kobape Road on the outskirts of Abeokuta was one of the supposed model schools that had been dying for 8 years. Likewise, the one in Ikenne has been converted into a 128-bed capacity isolation and treatment center for COVID-19.

It has been reported that more than N218 18,380bn is required to complete the projects during the period under review. Logically, it would be unwise to expect the current administration to adopt the debts of the previous administration and fund the wrong project and misplaced priority when there are other urgent priorities that would be beneficial to the general welfare of the state and its people.

If Amosun can almost euthanize education in Ogun State with the example of Model Schools and Moshood Abiola Polytechnic among others as mentioned above, and Prince Dapo Abiodun implements the Universal Basic Education Act to the letter; He revived MAPOLY and the former Tai Solarin Education College (now renamed after Oba SK Adetona) that had been gasping for life before he took office; Ensuring free education for all children in primary and lower secondary schools and giving the highest priority to the welfare of teachers to ensure that the best minds are attracted and retrained into the system should be commended and respected.

For Amuson and those who spare no time to assess Abiodun’s levels of commendable achievement, the sentiment would be equal to the story of Usain Bolt, the retired Jamaican and greatest sprinter of all time. Some people always get annoyed with his way of partying after defeating other contestants in a competition. He will extend his hands to show that he is the real chest racing champion and then start pounding his chest.

In one of the finals of the Olympics, my friend and I watched the finals of the 100m where I knew he was going to win. But when I saw Ashafa Powel, Justin Gatlin, and Yohan Blake, I had the feeling that one of these great sprinters might have close races. After all, my friend wanted young Johann to win. The race started and Ashafa Powel seemed to be leading it until Bolt took off like lightning, passed them all and pranked them all again. Siddiqui felt bad and sad and preached to him: “Personal hatred does not diminish a hero as blame does not diminish the sweetness of honey.” These statements are even more true of Prince Dabo Abiodun as he continues to revitalize the education sector in the country.

Temedayo Akinyele, general commentator, writes via

Temidayo Akinyele: Former Ogun Administration and Incomplete Model Schools

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