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Terrorists kill security personnel in Kaduna

Terrorists ambushed and killed security personnel in Brinnen Gwari Local Government Area communities in Kaduna State on Sunday.

The security forces included members of the Civil Defense, police, soldiers and local guards.

Abubakar Kkanji, one of the community leaders, explained that the affected communities where the accident occurred were Kobo Village and Ongwan Zakara Village.

According to him, the bandits had made a pact with the communities whereby they allowed the local people to farm throughout the last agricultural season.

He explained that the bandits usually pass through the villages to sell the stolen cows that the security is not satisfied with, stressing that three weeks ago the security forces killed a boy grazing their cattle, which made the thieves unhappy with the killing of the boy.

“On Sunday, the bandits stormed the Acre security checkpoint along Birnin Gwari to Kakangi/Randagi road in the western part of Birnin Gwari LGA,” he explained.

He stated that the attack took place around 2:00 in the afternoon, when the bandits divided themselves into two groups and carried out the attack on the two villages at the same time, where they killed the security personnel.

He said the dead bodies were deposited at Kaduna Hospital before burial.

Police have yet to respond to the incident, but a spokesperson for the Kaduna Civil Defense Command promised to issue a statement at a later date.

Terrorists kill security personnel in Kaduna

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