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The Alliance attacks Liberty due to a report of an alleged imminent breakdown of law and order in Osun

The Coalition for Good Governance (C4GG) has criticized the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) for its recent report alleging an imminent breakdown of law and order in Osun State.

On Saturday, Freedom had sounded the alarm claiming that there was a move by the authorities to destroy the peace enjoyed by the people of Osun.

While addressing reporters in Abuja, Freedom challenged the Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Alkale Baba, to explain to Nigerians why he had dismissed Osun State Police Commissioner Faleye Oleali.

Responding to the HURIWA report, C4GG said in a statement from its CEO, Adetayo Adegbemle, that the rights group is “a blackmail platform that has marketed its advocacy activities in favor of the highest bidder, wondering how Mr. Onwubiko living in Abuja can claim an imminent break. Down with law and order In a peaceful country like Osun.”

The statement read, “We note with disgust the latest egregious post of Liberty to defend the Police Commissioner when he is moved with false narratives, baseless allegations and insinuations against a new government that is bringing life back to Osun State.

The people of Osun are aware of the reign of terror imposed on the country by the former Oitola government through its leading butcher, Asiri Aneiba.

“The people of Osun State were aware of how daily raids on banks lead to no banking services in most major cities and how Osogbo, the state capital, has many no-go zones. Osun witnessed the glorification of thuggery to such an extent that known thugs regularly appear on state bins during state events .

Haryuwa, a one-man extortion platform, didn’t bother validating Osun before accepting a tire laundering contract.

The fact is that Osun was a war zone under Oitola; The situation only calmed down when Governor Ademola Adeleke took office.

Confirming Hariwa’s shameful behaviour, this is the first time that a supposed human rights group has questioned a police chief for exercising the powers of his office.

The Inspector General of Police has direct reports on the activities of the Police Commissioners and other senior officers deployed across the Federation.

He is able to judge the performance of his officers on the basis of which he determines the transmission and re-posting.

The group insisted, “Freedom is denied the intelligence briefing to know the basics of publishing decisions, hence cheap and ignorant positions on issues outside its purview.”

The Alliance attacks Liberty due to a report of an alleged imminent breakdown of law and order in Osun

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