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The Bauchi Assembly passes the 2023 allotment of N202.641b into law

Bauchi State House of Representatives has passed a law, the Government Appropriations Act 2023

The daily publication reports that the Parliament Committee on Budget and Appropriations regarding the proposed budget estimates for the year 2023 had previously submitted and approved the report that was presented to the Assembly by the Chairman of the Committee, Abdelkader Omar Dew, representing the Kervey constituency.

The committee, after careful and thorough examination of the budget document and reports submitted by various committees, found that the amount of 202,641,558,614.46 yen for fiscal year 2023, which is 2.5% higher than the appropriations law for 2022.

The committee further indicated that it had obtained the consolidated copies of the 2022 budget performance and revenue files that included statutory appropriations, value-added tax, capital receipts, and internally generated revenues from January to November 2022 from the Ministries of Budget and Economic Planning and Finance and Economic Development. For guidance prior to the commencement of the 2023 budget defense for all state departments and guidance.

The committee also invited many departments, departments, and departments to budget defense sessions to obtain clarifications regarding the gray areas, as well as recommended the need to urge the executive arm to establish a financial responsibility committee to ensure transparency, integrity, and accountability with regard to the management of public funds by all agencies, departments, and departments. In the state, and given the technical nature of the 2023 budget document, which is a quantum leap from the previous approach.

He also recommended that the House of Representatives urgently organize a series of training courses and workshops for all chairmen, members and secretaries of the permanent committees to enable them to understand the intrinsic details of the recent developments related to the budget system.

After a thorough examination of the entire 2023 proposed budget estimates, the Committee recommended that the House of Representatives should consider and adopt the total amount of 202,641,558,614.46 yen, of which only 87,933,242,963.50 yen, for recurrent expenditures, should be considered. Which accounted for 43% while the total amount. Of 114, 708,315,650.97 yen only for capital expenditures which account for 57% as the appropriation bill for 2023.

The House of Representatives unanimously adopted the recommendations of the committee while Majority Leader Tijjani Muhammad Aliyu requested that the House of Representatives allow the Bauchi State Appropriations Bill to undergo the third reading passed by the minority leader, Hon. Bakugi Aliyu Bobo.

With the approval of the members, the Speaker of the House of Representatives directed the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Omar Yusuf Gital Esq, to ​​conduct the third reading.

The Speaker commended the House Committee on Budget and Appropriations led by Abdul Qadir Omar Dio representing the Kervey constituency and all standing committees in the House of Representatives for doing an outstanding job in scrutinizing and implementing all legislative processes, comprehensively, within the specified time frame.

Meanwhile, House Majority Leader Tijjani Muhammad Aliyu (representing Azari/Madangala constituency) raised debate on a bill to establish Frontier Communities Development Agency in Bauchi State.

He explained that the bill presented by the Bauchi State government to the House of Representatives, when passed into law, will greatly improve the lives of Bauchi State citizens living in the border areas of the state.

The Majority Leader said that Bauchi State shares borders with seven other states including Kaduna, Kano, Jigawa, Yobe, Plateau, Gombe and Taraba states, thus it is worth noting that Bauchi State has boundary disputes/issues with all states with which it shares borders, except Kaduna State.

The National Border Areas Development Committee mainly aims to develop international border areas and provide assistance to sub-national border development agencies wherever they exist.

The Bauchi Assembly passes the 2023 allotment of N202.641b into law

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