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The court saves the prophet on the death of the Ondo member’s son

Samuel Ala Amin, a 45-year-old prophet, was arrested by the Grand Magistrates Court sitting in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, on charges of causing the death, allegedly, of Olasobo Abiona, the son of a member of his church.

The deceased, who was said to have been missing for seven days, allegedly died shortly after his discovery in the care of the Prophet.

Abiona allegedly consumed a poisonous substance allegedly given to him by the Prophet before giving up the ghost in an undisclosed hospital.

The accused was charged with murder and deprivation of liberty before Chief Justice Musa Al-Younes.

The defendant allegedly committed the crime between August 22 and August 27, 2022, in Alagbado Village, Ore, Odigbo Local Government Area, Ondo State.

According to Police Prosecutor Nelson Akintamhin, the deceased and son of a church elder, Prophet Olasobo Abiona, was detained against his will and deprived of his freedom.

Aditemin also claimed that during the incident, he gave the deceased defendant an alleged toxic substance, which caused him to vomit blood, which eventually led to his death.

The offenses violated Sections 365 and 316 (5) of the Ondo State Criminal Code 2006.

In the seven-paragraph remand application, the prosecution appealed to the court to detain the defendant in the Olukota Correctional Center while the Director of Public Prosecutions advised the court.

The Prophet, whose invitation was not accepted, affirmed his innocence of the charges against him.

The defendant’s lawyer appealed to the court to release him on bail on the most lenient terms with the assertion of the innocence of her client.

Investigating Judge Musa Al-Younes ordered the defendant to be detained without bail pending consultation with the Director of Public Prosecution.

The case has been adjourned to February 9, 2023, by El Younes.

The court saves the prophet on the death of the Ondo member’s son

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