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The crisis in the Kwara-Fulani community is exacerbated by the detention of kidnapped suspects

There is a major crisis within the entire Fulani community in Kwara State and some members of Meiti Allah due to alleged attempts to release and end a criminal case against Hardo Osman Adamu and others in detention.

Adamo and other suspects have been arrested over allegations of kidnapping for ransom.

The Mayiti Allah group had written a letter to Kwara state governor Abdurrahman Abdirazzak, threatening to withdraw its support and not vote for re-election in the 2023 general election unless Adamu and others were released.

POST reported that the letter purportedly written by Meiti Ullah, which purported to have the approval and authority of the entire Fulani community in Kwara State, sought, among other things, to exonerate and clear Hardo Osman Adamu and others of all allegations. sue them.

“Hardo Osman Adamu and others should be released immediately as they are innocent of the charges against them which are of a punitive nature or subject to a full trial.

“The entire Fulani community and its members will withdraw their support for Governor Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Razzaq in the upcoming elections if their demands are not met,” added the letter, written by the Mete Allah group.

However, in a counter-letter to the Governor by the entire Fulani community in Kwara State, signed by 11 signatories after an emergency meeting on December 14, 2022, in Ilorin, the body distanced itself from the alleged letter by Mete Allah, calling it a “submission”. blackmail.

“To the dismay of the Fulani community leaders and admired members present at the meeting, the letter itself and the content came as a surprise as no approval, authority or permission of any Fulani community leader or one of its members in Kwara State was sought and obtained before the letter was written.”

The leaders of the Fulani community decided that the state government should let the will of justice take its course by allowing Hardo Osman Adamu and others now before the Ilorin High Court to prove their innocence of the crime alleged against them, as that would enhance the image of the people. Other Fulani leaders and their admired members of Kwara State are law-abiding citizens.

“We firmly believe that the judicial system in Kwara State and Nigeria as a whole will acquit any innocent person wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit or participate in after a full trial.

We believe that releasing him without proving his innocence or facing trial will further destroy the image of every single Fulani member in the entire nation.

“It is time to restore our image and prove that the Fulani people are not criminals, but an industrious tribe from time immemorial,” the group said.

The leaders of the Fulani community pledged not to interfere with any allegation against any of its members unless it was clear that the allegation was unfounded against such a person.

The authority affirmed its unwavering support to the Governor saying, “We enjoy your administration and have always supported you from the beginning till now because of your consistency in developing infrastructure and providing adequate security, education and all other social amenities available to the people of Kwara State, so we support your re-election.”

Fulani community leaders said that their members have been warned in various forums to desist from involvement in any form of criminality and that anyone who is rightly or wrongly arrested for any crime must defend any allegation brought against them in court in the light of the truth. Nigerian society now sees every Fulani as a criminal.

The crisis in the Kwara-Fulani community is exacerbated by the detention of kidnapped suspects

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