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The displaced are evidence of government failure – freedom

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, Horewa, said that the reason IDP camps are sprawling across the country is simply because there is no government in place.

Addressing journalists in Abuja to celebrate International Human Rights Day 2022, the National Coordinator of HURIWA, Comrade Emmanuel Onubiko, with the topic: Reflecting on the situation of IDPs in the FCT, said that any state that fails to prioritize the rights of its citizens, is a failed state.

The group noted that Nigeria’s situation is worse because apart from the fact that the government has absorbed the terrorists, allowing them to operate as they wish at any given time, (the government) has also introduced a policy of de-radicalization and bringing them back to the region. Society while no one remembers the displaced victims of terrorist activities.

“This day, the 10th of December every year, is set aside to remind everyone in the world that human rights is still a major issue,” Onubiko said.

The need to defend the environmental rights of citizens is the mainstay of governance. Any state that does not encourage, protect, normalize, or raise the level of respect for the basic rights of citizens in the political system of government is a failed state.

Therefore, the world decided to celebrate the tenth of December every year as Human Rights Day. And for us in Nigeria, the issue of human rights is very important because there is a general democracy of violence.

“Violence is everywhere and people no longer enjoy their right to freedom of movement and the most important right which is the right to subsistence as talked about in section 33(1) of the constitution.

“Many Nigerians do not have their rights to life. We have cases of police brutality… Most Nigerians do not have their rights to life because of the insecurity.

“Today we gave up talking about the IDP… Can you ever think about the situation you are in right now… You live in a very comfortable home, you work and earn a salary, and all of a sudden you are out of your job and out of your home with nowhere to live with your head or food to eat.

The reason some set up organizations is to ensure that Nigeria does not collapse. Have you ever thought about the possibility of Nigeria collapsing today, where are we going? So if you suddenly become IDP, it’s like going back to square one.

These are the disadvantaged and marginalized people. They suffer not because they are the worst kind of creatures or because they deserve to be but because there is no government. Because there is a lot of incompetence in the government. The government is not living up to expectations.

“If the government lives up to expectations and enforces its basic duty to protect life and property, there will be no displaced people.

“The situation in Nigeria is worse because apart from the fact that the government has tolerated the presence of terrorists everywhere, the government has also put in place a policy where they say they want to de-radicalize the terrorists.

“The person who killed a thousand people they will bring from prison where he is supposed to be, and instead of sending him to court to face judgment, they de-radicalize and resettle him. And no one talks about the victims and the internally displaced people who suffer.”

Speaking at the event, Secretary of State for the Federal Capital Territory, Ramatu Tijani Aliu, represented by her Senior Special Assistant on Empowerment and FCT Coordinator for the Social Investment Programme, Ms. Chinwendo Idumobi Amba, highlighted some of the achievements of the FCT in catering to the displaced in the Federal Capital Territory.

We have worked hand in hand with UNHCR. She said that the Minister of State tried as much as possible to communicate with this people.

“During COVID-19, these camps gave the displaced a sense of belonging. Lots of palliative items were sent to them. We sent housing to over 2,000 displaced people in the FCT.

And we have lessons to acquire skills for them. If you go to the IDP camp in Duromi, you will see the schools that have been renovated so that they can have classes like other non-displaced children.”

The displaced are evidence of government failure – freedom

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