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The Ekiti Association re-recognises the suspended pro-Aribisogan MP

The ranks of lawmakers supporting the former House Speaker, the Equity State House, depleted yesterday, as the House of Representatives readmitted one of the suspended lawmakers, the Hon. Kimi Balogun.

After the removal of the former President Aribisugan and the installation of Hon. As an alternative, a fierce battle between the two factions began in the Bunme Adelugba House of Representatives.

The council criticized the indefinite suspension of Aribisogan and six others, allegedly for acting against the interest of the party. Hon was one of the legislators affected. Balogun, which stands for Ado Constituency 2.

But the House of Representatives, in its parliamentary session on Monday, lifted the suspension of the deputy.

This came in a statement signed by the Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Media and Publicity, His Excellency the Minister. Adeoye Aribasoye.

The statement said: “This work comes after considering her letter of apology and fulfilling the other conditions associated with returning the job.”

“presence. Therefore, Adekimi Balogun was reintroduced into the house with all her rights and privileges restored.”

Balogun is the younger sister of the Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Mrs. Adunni Olayinka.

The Ekiti Association re-recognises the suspended pro-Aribisogan MP

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