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The Ekiti government is calling for improved administrative efficiency among school principals

Permanent Secretary of the Ekiti State Teaching Services Commission, Michael Omolayo, has called for an improvement in administrative efficiency among principals of public secondary schools in the state.

Omolayo who made the call in the interactive session with secondary school principals in Ekiti said competency will lead to effective school management and improved learning outcomes.

He explained that principals are the accounting officers in all schools and the head of the management team in the school system.

He pointed out that there are notable gaps in the management of schools among key officials, pointing out that some school principals do not involve their deputies and principals in management decisions, thus managing the school incorrectly without involving the relevant stakeholders.

“Decisions of the administration must be dealt with in files and approval issued appropriately before any school expenditures are carried out. Verbal approval is not acceptable.”

He explained that managers should always give written consent to all expenditures made by financiers using the procurement system and be guided by the rules of public service.

He saw capacity building as necessary for the principals, vice-principals and other key officials in the school system.

Also speaking, Permanent Secretary of the Central Internal Audit Office (CIA), Mr. Babatunde Adesola instructed Principals to acknowledge their roles of authority and coordination of all school affairs stating that all task schedules should be determined with delegations.

He advised managers to be leaders by example and charged the Bursars with keeping all financial records of appropriately authorized expenditures.

In his public teacher speech at Ekiti Central, Martins-Illori highlighted some of the duties of principals to include, ensuring that the Schools System of Accounts is strictly followed and providing adequate arrangements for the safe keeping of school balances and other assets.

In his reply, Victor Ameli, President of the All Nigeria Confederation of Secondary School Principals (ANCOPSS) in Ekiti State said: “As leaders, we must be patient and careful in dealing with school issues, I promise on behalf of others to be more aware of our responsibilities and reciprocate the government Good gesture.”

The Ekiti government is calling for improved administrative efficiency among school principals

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