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The governors of the Southeast will start recruiting forest rangers next year – michi

The NHFSS Assistant Commanding General in charge of technical services Chief Ambassador Johnny Chukodi Michi has revealed plans are underway for the governors of southern states, to start recruiting healthy and strong young men. Women in the Forest Service in the new year.

Michie, who is the chief minister of the Anambra State Association of Cities (ASATU) as well as the president general of the Aomori community, revealed this on Friday, when NHFSS officers and men from Anambra State paid a courtesy visit to his country’s home.

He said that when the program begins, it will lead to the recruitment of hundreds of thousands of young men from all five states that make up the geopolitical region, adding that it will be a huge job opportunity that will eventually help eradicate insecurity as rangers work hand in hand with regular security men. .

In due course, Hunters and Forest Security will take over and protect forests across the country as it does in the United States, Canada, South Africa and many other countries, Metchie noted, adding that the program will help protect farmers and their products across the country.

He said, “First, let me formally inform you that on Friday, December 15th, just about two weeks ago, I was appointed and given the position of Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Hunters and Forest Security Service responsible for Technical Services.” The ceremony, which was held at the Service Headquarters in Abuja, was conducted by By the Commander in Chief, Dr. Osteimhim Jacob Woolley.

“Secondly, I also need to inform you that both the Senate and the House of Representatives have passed the Fishermen Bill pending President Muhammadu Buhari giving his tone that would make the bill into law.

“When that happens, and it will be very soon, the service will be fully recognized by the government. You will then be formally permitted to bear arms and given all other necessary facilities to serve fully as forest rangers, as in the United States and other developed countries.”

“So we hope you will all appreciate what is coming your way and get ready for a greater service to protect the farms and forests of Anambra and Nigeria in general.

“With my appointment as the Assistant Commander-in-Chief in charge of Technical Services, I will ensure that by working with State Governors, City Union Chiefs, Traditional Rulers and other stakeholders, we will recruit thousands of able-bodied young men and women into the Nigerian Hunters Forest Security Service, especially in the Southeast with the provision of Technical services nationwide, also provides my new position.

“We have already started discussions with the governors of the Southeast about the recruitment method and the method of operation, and we hope that the measures will come into force after the New Year celebrations.

“I would like to sincerely thank you for making us proud so far, which has resulted in government recognition of the Umueri Hunters model and for which we have recruited many people to join you.”

Earlier, NHFSS Anambra State Commander Chief Ojudogwo Titus Chukwudi who led the delegation said they had come to appreciate Chief Metchie’s many contributions to the welfare of officers and service men as well as congratulating him on his appointment and honor as adjutant. Commander in Chief (Technical Services).

The governors of the Southeast will start recruiting forest rangers next year – michi

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