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The group supports dividing the 10th Senate Presidency into the North Central District

While the key officers of the 10th National Assembly go behind the scenes, the Campaign for Democracy, CD, has called for the Senate Speaker position to be allocated to the North Central District.

The civil society organization and pro-democracy group stated that it would promote unity, fairness and justice if the third place in North Central was cited by the ruling party.

In a statement issued by the Secretary-General, Ifene Odile, and sent to the Daily Mail on Thursday in Abuja, he emphasized that citing the position to North Central would take care of the region’s perceived geopolitical marginalization.

The region has not produced a President or Vice President through any political platform since 1999 despite its continued support for the two dominant parties known.

“The region has not produced a president or vice president, and it was only appropriate to allow the region to produce the next president of the Senate in the 10th National Assembly,” Odile said.

“Some people argue that the southeast should be preferred in the interest of justice, fairness and justice, forgetting that the central north has suffered the worst fate since Nigeria’s independence in 1960.”

The statement argued that the region experienced the worst forms of insecurity due to a lack of representation at the top of the country’s political hierarchy, stating that it was in the interest of the nation to allow North Central to have the third seat in the country.

Citing the case of Niger state, the group asserted that the state produced the highest number of votes for the ruling party that had remained unchanged since 1999 until the February 25, 2023, presidential and parliamentary elections.

The group said the feat was despite the lack of commensurate compensation and interest they showed so much in voting out Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu again.

The group supports dividing the 10th Senate Presidency into the North Central District

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