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The Hajj Committee secures the recovery of N107 million from Saudi Arabia due to malnutrition for the 2022 pilgrims

The National Hajj Committee of Nigeria, NAHCON, has secured an amount of SAR 542,033 equivalent to N107,864,567 from Saudi Arabia, which is reimbursement for the poor feeding services provided by the Mutawafeen Company to non-Arab pilgrims from Africa. countries, including Nigeria.

NAHCON said this was achieved after several consistent messages and reminders to the company regarding poor feeding services provided to Nigerian pilgrims during Mashair’s tenure.

In a statement signed by its Assistant Director for Media and Publications Department, Alhaji Musa Obandawaki, and made available to our correspondent in Abuja on Tuesday, the Commission said the joyful news was contained in a letter dated December 18, 2022 and signed by the Commission. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Ahmed bin Abbas Sindi.

The letter addressed to the Chairman/CEO of NAHCON, Haji Dhikrullah Hassan, reads as follows: “Referring to your letter No. NAHCON/AN43 dated 10/7/2022 regarding the poor quality of service and for the company to maintain the national relationship between us at $542,033 Saudi riyals (five hundred and forty-two thousand Saudi riyals) were deducted from the amount of the contract for feeding feelings.

It is mentioned that the Hajj of 2022 was marred by the poor services provided by Mowasat to the Nigerian pilgrims, especially the feeding of the Nigerian pilgrims during the peak of the five-day Hajj, which the committee protested against and wrote several letters drawing the attention of the company to develop.

Responding to the development following the weekly Executive Board meeting on Tuesday, the NAHCON Chairman said: “The development has been gratifying, as it proves the Committee’s relentless struggle to right the wrongs inflicted on Nigerian pilgrims during the Hajj by Muassassah, especially in the arrangement of feeding and the quality of services rendered during the period “.

“I would really like to thank my fellow Mutawafeen for this role in ensuring that money is refunded for services that were not provided or poorly provided,” Hassan added.

The Mutawafeen or Mossah as they are fondly called is a Saudi company responsible for accommodating, transporting and feeding Nigerian and other African pilgrims at Mina and Arafat during the five-day hajj.

The Hajj Committee secures the recovery of N107 million from Saudi Arabia due to malnutrition for the 2022 pilgrims

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