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The Labor Party condemns the killing of its members nationwide

The Labor Party has condemned in the strongest terms the continuing killings of its members in parts of the country.

Addressing reporters on Monday in Kaduna, the party’s national secretary, Umar Farouk Ibrahim Mai Rakomi, lamented the continued killing of its members, particularly in Kaduna state, and called on the ruling party to rise to the occasion and save the lives of innocent Nigerians.

“The wave of killings of our members is alarming, and I call on the Federal Government and Kaduna State governments to take proactive measures to ensure the protection of their members and Nigerians in general,” he said.

“Our great party has noted with dismay the recent spate of killings of our party supporters in Kaduna State. Particularly in South Kaduna which is one of our strongholds and the constituency of our gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Asaki has become a matter of concern.”

Just last week our great party lost eight members of the local government in Kora and the local government of Zangun Katav respectively. He pointed out that this series of killings within a short period is a very condemnable and insensitive matter, especially in this festive period.

He also called on the Kaduna State government to activate all mechanisms to apprehend and prosecute those responsible for the crimes.

“The murder of the friendly leader of the Kaduna State Labor Party, Ms. Victoria Chintex, is still fresh in our minds, and we will follow up on her horrific murder until the perpetrators are arrested by the Kaduna State government,” he affirmed.

He saw that the Labor Party considers all the killings in its main strongholds in Kaduna state and some parts of the country as a calculated attempt to demoralize its supporters in next year’s elections in the country.

“I want to assure the good people of Kaduna State that with the Labor Party getting stronger on a daily basis, many members of other political parties are abandoning their party in the Labor Party because it is the only party that can take Nigerians to greater heights.”

The Labor Party condemns the killing of its members nationwide

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