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The Lieutenant Governor of Anambra dismantles the roadblock erected by soldiers due to traffic

The Deputy Governor of Anambra, Dr. Onikachi Ibizim, has ordered the dismantling of the barricade erected by soldiers in the state.

The incident occurred on Christmas Eve when the soldiers manned barrier caused a lengthy traffic jam on the Enugu-Onitsha Highway, causing inconvenience to road users who were traveling home for the Christmas holidays.

And it showed a video clip circulating on the Internet, when the deputy governor got out of his car after witnessing the long traffic, to confront the soldiers, while he was ordering the security men to dismantle the barrier in front of all road users.

The deputy governor also took time to get traffic under control, urging drivers to move quickly and avoid unnecessary delays on the road.

The deputy governor is seen in the video warning the soldiers and insisting that – “We cannot go on like this in this country. This wasn’t what the army was about, you have to stop this.”

Since the insecurity began in the southeast, road users have suffered from traffic congestion, as the security services have conducted stops and searches.

Some of the road users who spoke to our reporter praised Dr. Epizim for his work.

The driver, Mr. Joshua Mba, said: “Is the Lieutenant-Governor the only big man to pass this way? Others will come with their caravan, and the soldiers will stop everyone until they pass, and they will not care about the poor masses. But the Lieutenant-Governor came, and though he could pass without trouble He sensed the plight of the poor masses being exploited by the soldiers, and insisted they stop knowing what was wrong.”

Others said the soldiers had turned the checkpoint into a cash point, and insisted that the places where insecurity prevails are in remote areas rather than in towns, where security personnel have set up checkpoints just to make money.

The Lieutenant Governor of Anambra dismantles the roadblock erected by soldiers due to traffic

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