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The Messenger Suleiman slept with me while I was bleeding, and I lost three pregnancies – Halima Abu Bakr claims

Famous actress Halima Abubakar made more claims regarding her alleged relationship with Rasul Johnson Suleiman.

It is mentioned that the actress in 2022 claimed that she was in a relationship with the preacher because he told her that he was divorced and had three children.

Halima also accused the cleric of abandoning his promise to marry her and being behind an undisclosed disease that threatens her life, which he has been suffering from for years.

In response to the series of allegations, Suleiman filed a lawsuit against Halima.

He said the allegations were false, untrue, malicious, defamatory, baseless and a tool of extortion.

However, in a new Instagram live video with the comedian princess, Halima claims Suleiman proposed to her more than seven times during their relationship and she met her parents to introduce her.

I didn’t know he was married. He told me he broke up. I was begging him to go and settle down with his wife but he said no he has proposed to me over seven times. He engaged my parents and met them to introduce them,” she claimed.

She narrated that she bled for four years and became pregnant three times.

“The blood never stopped and he was still fucking me like that. I didn’t read any sense of it because I wasn’t a spiritual person and he was fucking me during my period so I thought it was normal.

When I lost him, he was crying that I lost his child. You would think it was real. I got pregnant three times, the last time it left me bleeding, I had to take a pill for it to stop.

I’ve been bleeding for four years. He would sleep with me even when I was bleeding that’s the dangerous part of him and he would tell me he couldn’t sleep with anyone it was ok because it’s me.

Everything caught me off guard, I was naive and not a spiritual person. I didn’t know if it was love.

These are some of the pictures Solomon and I took together at a hotel on Valentine’s Day. He even sent me some of his selfies. He was 41 years old at the time. I have a printout of the bank transactions between us.”

The priest has yet to respond to the latest allegations.

The Messenger Suleiman slept with me while I was bleeding, and I lost three pregnancies – Halima Abu Bakr claims

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