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The NASS committee was accused of violating the incorporation law for hiring a clerk

Haruna Abdus Salam Mohamed, a public affairs analyst, has criticized the National Assembly Service Committee, NASC, for allegedly violating the incorporation law by naming Sani Magagi Tambual to succeed the outgoing NASC clerk, Amos Olatunde Ojo.

Mohamed described the decision as a flagrant violation of the relevant parts of the National Assembly Service Commission Act 2014.

He revealed this in a statement issued to reporters and made available to the Daily Post on Monday.

Recall that Tambual, the former Secretary of Finance in the National Assembly, was recently appointed to serve as a clerk in the National Assembly on the directive of Eng.

Muhammad noted that the selection of Tambuwal should be interpreted as a misrepresentation of legal procedures by the committee, stating that he should be sixth in line behind five others who were secretly passed by the committee.

Part of his statement read: “The organizational chart of the National Assembly as set forth in law shows that Magaji Tambuwal is No. 6 in line and was not to be higher than the clerks and deputies of the Senate and House of Representatives recognized by law before the secretaries.”

However, he accused the commission of giving credence to allegations of incitement by some influential people as alleged in some sections of the media.

He added that the commission failed to fulfill its legal and constitutional duty by not appointing a replacement for the outgoing writer in work or substantive status.

“The NASC is the regulatory body charged with appointing an acting writer or technician to the National Assembly in place of Ojo Olatude Amos. In this way, the committee has failed in its constitutional and legal duty by failing to appoint a replacement for the outgoing writer in representation or substantive status.

He pointed out that “the instructions given to the outgoing writer to hand over the reins of the National Assembly to the most senior secretary is a clear departure from the provisions of Article 7 (2) of the law that prohibits delegation.”

The NASS committee was accused of violating the incorporation law for hiring a clerk

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