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The Odi community begs the ruler Ogwani to recognize the king of choice

The people of the Ode community, in the Ode Local Government Area of ​​Enugu State, have appealed to the Enugu State Government to recognize the retired Customs Controller, Chief Sam Anyeki as their traditional ruler.

The appeal was made on Friday as hundreds of community members swarmed Aniki’s home in the town of Ode.

In a unanimous vote, they said that Aneke was their choice to become the next traditional ruler, “Okwuluoha IV of the ancient kingdom of Odi”.

The call came a few years after the death of the late King, His Royal Highness Igwe Chris Ojaku, the third Okoluluha of the ancient kingdom of Odi.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Igwe’s government secretary Chief Simeon Ize said the assembly was based on the decision of the well-meaning citizens of Ode to elect their traditional ruler in a peaceful manner.

Chief Izi lamented that the previous elections of traditional rulers had ended up in grudges which in turn caused the backwardness of society.

However, he said that the society, after evaluating all eligible candidates, found Aneke worthy to take the vacant seat.

“We are here to honor and honor those who deserve it. In community records, nothing like this has ever happened. Okwuluoha elections 1, 2, and 3 were competitive, troublesome, and hostile. Most of the time ends up in court probably 5, 6 years after the winner is declared.”

“But today, the citizens of Ode town, the elderly, the youth, the women, Igwe’s cabinet members and the progressive unions said that we cannot continue to elect Igwe in a chaotic manner, but do it peacefully. We had to look for a worthy and capable person of character and learn to maintain On rolling the ball.

“Therefore, this is why we are gathered here today. We evaluated all the qualified people and found that Chief Sam Aniki is worthy. We want to tell everyone that today’s meeting is an order from God. It was appointed because in the history of traditional rule in the ancient kingdom of Odi, starting from 1976, we’ve never had such peace.

“Okwuluoha 2 was never a member of the cabinet of Okwuluoha 1 and Okwuluoha 3, never a member of the cabinet of Okwuluoha 2 but this time, Chief Aneke who will ascend the throne by our collective desire is a member of the traditional council; apart from being a member, he is Member of the Supreme Cabinet of Abourgo and Prime Minister He qualified, according to our constitution, he said, because it was his kins turn to produce the next igoi.

Former Member of Parliament. Tony Inh also revealed that the event was unique considering what happened during the election of previous traditional rulers, including his late father, who was Okoluluha 2 of the ancient kingdom of Odi.

He appealed to the Enugu state government to speed up the process and do what is required.

The women and youth leaders, Ms. Ngozi Agbo and Ikenna Chem, respectively, also spoke. They said that it was a new dawn in the Ode town community, emphasizing that they were not doing well in Ode town.

They declared their untainted support for Chief Aniki, adding that it was either him or nobody.

In response, Chief Aneke, who is also the chief minister of the community, expresses his astonishment, and assures them of his willingness to render service to the community.

Emphasizing the conception of all, he exhorted the community to work for the preservation of the peace God had given them.

He has pledged to deliver high-quality driving and uphold the ancient tradition of Odi.

“I am confused. This is a surprise to me. What you did today has never happened in the history of the city of Ode. May God restore peace. I will make sure to maintain peace and accelerate the development of our society.

On behalf of my family, friends and relatives, I accept your service. Let us work for the peace that God has given us, and join hands together to preserve it. Leadership is for everyone, not a one person thing. I can’t do it alone.

“God willing, I have no choice but to accept your wish and request. Your approach and request is for the benefit of the people of Ode.

“I will provide quality leadership and as a patron of culture, I will support the culture of our community. I will carry everyone with us and nothing will be resolved without the consent of our people.”

The Odi community begs the ruler Ogwani to recognize the king of choice

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