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The residents grow restless as peace fades in Osun

The peaceful atmosphere that prevailed in Osun State is fading fast.

Osun has never experienced this bad in the past 12 years and many residents wonder why the political class has failed to reconcile their differences.

On November 27, the new government was sworn in. After 12 years in opposition, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) through Ademola Adeleke is back in power again.

The next day, violence was recorded in the majority of parking lots in the state.

Despite the new governor’s warning in order to keep the peace, it was noted that members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) fighting for control of the parks should not be members identified with the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Power struggle prevailed during the Adegboyega Oyetola administration as successive political parties and administrations were known to seek the support of these “notorious” transport unions.

The state government and the PDP Osun also alleged that the former governor, Adigboya Oyetola and his party, the APC, were behind renewed violence in some parts of the state, especially Osogbo and Illyssa.

They also alleged that the state’s former commissioner of works, Oluremi Omwai, was the mastermind behind unrest in the state’s Elisa hub in recent months.

Omway, in the space of 30 days, was attacked twice with his supporters suffering varying degrees of casualties within Elisa City.

Meanwhile, Osun’s APC, which lost the gubernatorial election on July 16, 2022, is finding it difficult to adjust to the role of second fiddle.

Many residents spoke of the inconvenience caused by supporters of both political parties within Osun.

A senior police officer interviewed by this medium in light of the attacks also endorsed the fact that both the Osun PDP and APC are a nuisance to the community and disrupt the easy way that the people of Osun have been accustomed to for years.

traditional rulers

Adegbwega Oyetola, the former governor of Osun State, had appointed three traditional rulers, Akinron from Ekinron, Ari from Eri and Awa from Igbajo before ceding power to Ademola of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Prior to this, these choices did not sit well with the locals in these communities and many of them started screaming kill blue.

Upon taking office, Adeleke quickly by executive order suspended her payment and opened a Commission on Chiefs’ Affairs to consider the issues surrounding their appointment.

Political thugs are running a parking lot and attack Oluremi Omowaiye

Political thugs have also been synonymous with politics in Nigeria and Osun State is no exception.

Prior to the Osun gubernatorial election, the APC was known to be affiliated with two serial killers: Rashid Hamid, aka Okwelo and Kazim Oyuel, aka Asiri Aneiba.

Also, the Osun PDP was known to fraternize with Olalekan Ajagungbade, also known as Emir.

The two major political parties in the state had reason to accuse each other of fraternizing with thugs ahead of the gubernatorial election.

No wonder, on November 28, 2022, pockets of violence erupted in some parking lots in the state.

This violence, which welcomed Governor Adeleke, led to the country’s new governor directing security personnel to maintain the status quo in all parking lots statewide. A life was lost as a result of the clashes.

Political parties also pointed fingers at each other.

population reaction

The renewed violence also negatively affected the population.

Jamiu Babatunde, a businessman, stated that politicians are just trying to heat up the political system with their games.

He stated that there is no need for violence to permeate the political space because the sky is wide enough to contain all kinds of birds.

Politicians want to take away the state of peace that we have been known to enjoy. Osun is famous for its ‘Omoluabi’ spirit but due to politics, that value has been thrown into the trash.”

Oluwumi Akinbamedele, a teacher, stated that the people have been let down by the regime, politicians and security services.

“Since the advent of this democratic system, the peace for which this country was famous has gradually eroded it,” he said.

Rotimi Onigbinde, a retired headmaster, was of the opinion that politicians were just making things hot in order to get what they wanted.

“You see, all the initial noises are normal. They know what they’re doing. It’ll cool down soon and things will be back to normal.”

He added, “What worries me is the destruction and loss of life as a result of the power play taking place in their camps.”

The residents grow restless as peace fades in Osun

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