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The traditional ruler of Zaria was arrested on charges of sodomy with a 14-year-old boy

Police in Zaria, Kaduna State, have arrested a traditional ruler for allegedly sodomizing a 14-year-old boy.

Kaduna Command spokesman Mohamed Gelij, who confirmed the incident on Wednesday, told reporters that the police are investigating the alleged crime and if the suspect is found guilty, he will be prosecuted.

According to the victim’s elder brother, Mallam Hamza Zubairu, his younger brother, aged 14, was abused by the traditional ruler on December 9, 2022, in the Qarabi district of Zaria.

Mallam Hamza Zubairu, who was surprised to hear about the incident, said that the suspect is highly respected in the neighborhood, not knowing that he could be involved in sodomy with a minor.

Zbiru recounted that on the day of the accident, the suspect sent the victim to his room to bring him some money, but he followed the young man into the room and locked the door.

“The traditional ruler later drew a dagger and threatened to kill the boy if he raised an alarm about what he was about to do to him,” he said.

According to him, the boy was in shock and was unable to tell anyone what happened at first until he summoned enough courage and told his aunt, adding that it was the aunt who reported the incident to the police at Zaria City Police Headquarters.

However, Hajia Aishattu Ahmed, coordinator of the Salama Sexual Assault Referral Center at Jambo Swaba General Hospital, Zaria, said the center had received a medical care request for the victim, adding that the center had sent its results and diagnosis to the hospital. Zaria City Police Headquarters, upon request.

The traditional ruler of Zaria was arrested on charges of sodomy with a 14-year-old boy

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