There is no such thing as a money ritual – Comedian, Oki Bakassi

Okechukwu Oyeagbule Aka Okey Bakassi, a veteran comedian, encouraged people to avoid vices including money rituals and kidnapping.

Okey Bakassi said it after sharing the latest Forbes list of the ten richest men in the world.
The list, which included India’s Gautam Adani ranked tenth and Elon Musk of the United States ranked first with an estimated fortune of $219 billion, did not include any Africans.

A father of three warns the “desperate” (those who want to make money illegally) to realize that wealth cannot be obtained through ritual or kidnapping but only through hard work for a respectable cause.

He forces the Rituals and the kidnappers to stop wasting human lives as they will never make a fortune from their venture.

The 53-year-old commented on his message, “No money rituals or African kidnappers have been listed. Most of those on the list made their money from technology.

“Money rituals don’t work, stop wasting human lives. #RealityCheck.”

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