“There may not be elections in 2023.” insists Charlieboy from the UK.

Charlyboy, also known as AreaFada, predicted that the country’s current situation would make it impossible to hold a general election in 2023.

Concerned about hunger, poverty, currency improvement, attacks on Independent Electoral Commission offices, and a slew of other issues plaguing the entire country, Charlie Boy declares that the 2023 election is now in jeopardy.

He spoke in full to the Daily Post from the UK, where he is currently on vacation.

Peter Obi, a staunch supporter of the Labor presidential candidate, has expressed doubt that the heavyweight politicians who have held the country hostage for years will be willing to hand over power at the next election.

“From what I see, there may not be an election next year,” he said. I do not think that those who have influence in the political space of the nation are ready to cede power to the people.

“I repeat, there may be no elections next year.” This is something I’ve been saying for the past year. I doubt it given the current situation. The Nigerian economy is in free fall. It’s something I’ve been saying for years.”

“I’ve been telling my family the dollar is going to hit 1,500 newtons,” CB said of the dollar’s rise and the state of the economy. Look what is happening now; It is almost at N1000. Here you are. Redesigning the naira is not a viable option. How can it be a solution if you do not produce anything and do not export? Do you think that simply printing money to pay salaries is the solution?

“Do you have any idea what will happen at the end of the day?” Because he who has money now will not have it tomorrow. Some people may think that having 5 million naira today is a lot of money, but did you know that daily, the 5 million naira that you have in the bank decreases in value? “

"There may not be elections in 2023." insists Charlieboy from the UK.

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