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Tongeji: Abiodun calls for more FG presence on the oil-rich island

Ogun State Governor Dabo Abiodun has called for an increased federal government presence on the oil-rich Tongi Island located in the Ipokia Local Government Area of ​​the state.

Abiodun made the call when he greeted the Comptroller General of the Immigration Department, Idriss Essey Giri, in his office, on Wednesday.

And he raised the alarm that the neighboring country, the Republic of Benin, aims to annex the oil-rich island to their country.

“We have Tongeji Island, which is in our Ipokia Local Government which in Nigeria is not accessible by land, only accessible by water, however, Benin Republic is accessible by land.

They have constantly harassed our people, and have constantly tried to include them in the Republic of Benin because of the access they have.

“I hope that one of these days the Comptroller General of Immigration and maybe the Chief of the Naval Staff will visit our people there and see how we can have more of a presence in that place and continue to show our people there that we are not,” said Abiodun.

While noting that his administration will continue to support the efforts and initiatives of the state immigration department, the governor praised the service for its stabilizing role during the recent general elections of 2019.

“I especially remember the role immigration played during the 2019 elections and remain very grateful to your office for that role.

“It was an important stabilizing role; we know some people wanted to bring people across the border to come and rig the elections, the Office of the Immigration Controller got involved and made sure our borders were closed and only Nigerians were allowed to exercise their privilege in that election and they did so with integrity and a deep sense of patriotism.

We will continue to do all we can to support the efforts and initiatives of the Immigration Department.

“We have seen skirmishes along our border areas in the past, we had a farmers/herdsmen crisis, we have problems where herdsmen come from outside the country, commit heinous crimes, run away and leave us in this situation where people are now fighting each other.

“We had situations where law enforcement agencies from all over the country came here and arrested our people because there was no clearly defined border between us and the Republic of Benin.

“We will continue to do our best to manage this situation because we see any form of insecurity as a threat to our social and economic development and drive us to encourage people to come and invest here,” Abiodun said.

The Governor, who further noted that his administration has also joined forces with the Lagos State Government to form joint development cooperation so that all border areas are not left out, added that areas such as law enforcement, physical planning, environmental issues and traffic management will be dealt with under the cooperation.

Earlier in his remarks, Controller Jerry, while noting that he was in the state for the groundbreaking of the proposed Abeokuta Passport Office building, called on the state government to assist the service with logistics to help resolve it at the border, particularly with the general election approaching.

He commended Governor Abiodun for his support of the state immigration department and commended the Governor for being a security conscious official.

Tongeji: Abiodun calls for more FG presence on the oil-rich island

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