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TotalEnergies Employee Housing Co-operative (TEHC) Unveils Louisville Smart Housing Development in Eko Atlantic

TotalEnergies Staff Housing Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd (TEHC) is set to unveil Louisville, a future-focused housing development located in Eko Atlantic City, Lagos.

Louisville is a mixed-use development of 300 residential homes spread across two towers. Louisville has a world class sports center, retail outlets and other facilities.

The project is being built by ITB Nigeria Limited, a leading construction company in Nigeria that specializes in the design and construction of high-rise buildings with several buildings on the Lagos skyline.

Louisville is designed to employ modern technology to achieve smart living standards and high standards in energy efficiency and environmental conservation in living and consumption of facilities.

“Louisville is a testament to TotalEnergies Nigeria Limited and TEHC’s continued commitment to a more sustainable and innovation-driven future.

“It is modern and durable in design, smart and green in its DNA, offering a lifestyle of elegance in a wide range of living, entertainment, recreation, sporting and shopping options to choose from,” said Louis Ogbevon, President. from TEHC.

“We promise more than just a home. We offer you a future with unparalleled value for money in investment and living; thanks to the best financing products and rare flexibility in payment plans.”

Sustainable housing development is a key component of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. With the increasing impact of major threats such as pollution and climate change, there is a growing focus on smart and sustainable housing as the living habitat of the future. Ultra-recent housing developments such as Louisville indicate the increasing efforts being made by Lagos developers to create greener and more environmentally friendly living environments in the densely populated city.

According to TEHC General Secretary – Daniel Ekpenyong, the property has a retail area of ​​10,000 sqm to 12,000 sqm for commercial and leisure purposes with multi-level car parking for both residential and commercial uses.

There is also a dedicated facilities management company responsible for managing the development.

“In line with our goal of future-focused, smart living spaces, Louisville apartments are equipped with intelligence and automation while centralizing water, energy, and waste systems. The location of Louisville is also strategic, as it is located in the heart of the popular Echo Atlantic City.”

Tolu Moyan, CEO of Ashirri- Louisville’s Brand & Marketing Consultants noted: “When Louisville is revealed to the public, it will be clear that TEHC has gone through a thorough and detailed process to assemble an unparalleled constellation of the best minds in the industry to produce what is truly the ‘crown eco’. Atlantic

TotalEnergies Employee Housing Co-operative (TEHC) Unveils Louisville Smart Housing Development in Eko Atlantic

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