Toto made a fatal decision in her life

One Tutu, a young woman in her thirties and an employee of the Department of State Services, DSS, jumped into Lagos Lake after a heated argument with her lover.

Kimmy Fellaini collected it just four months ago, Toto garnered praise from DG, DSS, as the best unarmed combat agent in her group, which was followed by a surprising engagement with her lover as seen below.

The Lagos State Emergency Agency (LASEMA) has now confirmed that it did indeed disembark from an Uber taxi on the third mainland Lagos bridge and plunged into the lake on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

In a statement, the agency’s permanent secretary, Dr. Olofemi Osaniintolo, said the state’s emergency services had begun searching for her in the lake. He said: “When the Lagos Response Team (LRT) arrived on the scene, investigation revealed that a woman in her late thirties had submerged in Lagos Lake.

Further investigation revealed that the woman got off an Uber taxi on the bridge and fell into the lake. The taxi driver claimed that she was having a heated conversation with her fiancé before she got out of the car. “The LRT, men from the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA), and officials from the Department of State Service (DSS) are currently on the ground together to search for the victim.”

Internet users react to the suicidal act

The news has since sparked mixed reactions on social media with many questioning why one would commit suicide over a man. One Tosin wrote, “Self-love is most important to you and only you.

No one deserves to die please let us be strong in the Lord and persevere in prayer. And it’s not an issue of men’s and women’s power relationship if you can put up with someone’s transgressions, please go ahead. This is why your mental state matters to you alone. Please love yourself more and keep praying to God. I hope you are alive”

One Penny wrote “No man is worth dying for! Jesus Christ has already paid the final price.” One Xander wrote “Not everyone can handle anger! Please avoid any form of discord or anything that could disturb your safety… May her soul rest in peace! In peace such a beautiful lady.”

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