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Two die by hanging due to armed robbery in Ekiti

The Ekiti State High Court sitting in Ado-Ekiti sentenced Olabi Deji (30 years old) and Obemi Oluwakomulavi (22 years old) to death by hanging for conspiracy, armed robbery, rape and escaping from legal custody in Ado Ekiti prison.

The convicts were arraigned before Judge Munisola Abudonde on January 13, 2017 for offenses amounting to conspiracy, armed robbery, rape and escape from legal custody at Ado Ekiti Prison on December 1, 2014.

The charge states that “The accused, on July 14, 2015 in Okita District of Ilumoba Ekiti in Gbonyiyi LGI, Ekiti State, conspired to commit armed robbery of Lucas Agbola and Oladele Usemi as well as Adeyemi Comfort on the same day in Ararumi Street, Isegba Ekiti, while he was Armed with a pistol and a gun.

On the same date, time and place, the accused also raped a 35-year-old woman, according to the charge, the accused escaped from legal custody in Ado Ekiti prison on the first day of December 2014.

In his statement to the police, one of the victims said, “I was sleeping in my room around 3 am when suddenly two armed men appeared in my bedroom and warned me to cooperate if I did not want to lose life. Our phones and they raped my wife too.I later learned that they had access to my room through the ceiling.We reported it at the police station and they arrested us later.

To prove his case, the prosecutor, Attorney Elisanmi Adelosi, called five witnesses and presented a Danish rifle, 10 telephones, one rechargeable searchlight, four telephone batteries, 21,060 cash, recharge cards, a machete and the defendants’ statements as documents.

The offenses are inconsistent with Sections 6(b) and 1(2)(a) of the Theft and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act, Cap RII, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, also Sections 357 punishable under Section 358 and Section 135 of the Criminal Code Ekiti State Laws, 2012.

The defendants, after refusing five different counsel, spoke in their defense and called two witnesses.

Judge Munisola Abudonde said in his ruling: “In my opinion, the accused are compulsive pathological liars who became hardened criminals; instead of mending their ways in prison, they escaped from jail during a jailbreak and continued to unleash terror in the community until enemies were caught up with them.”

“They are a threat to the peaceful existence of our society and they must be made to face the reality of the consequences of their evil behaviour.

In conclusion, I find the defendants guilty of Counts 1,2,3,5 and 6 and convicted accordingly.

“On counts 1, 2 and 3 (armed robbery) they were sentenced to death by hanging, because they were the principal offense and may God rest your souls.

They were discharged and acquitted on Charge 4, on Charge 5 (rape) they were each sentenced to life imprisonment and on Charge 6 (escaping from legal custody) they were each sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Sentences run synchronously.

Two die by hanging due to armed robbery in Ekiti

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