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Two more Ekiti MPs returned, withdrawing from the case against the assembly

The Ekiti State Assembly lifted the suspension of two hanging members of the Ekiti State Assembly, Hon. Tajuddin Akinboulo and Hon. Adegoke Olajide, who have indicated their intention to return to their legislative duties.

Thursday evening press release issued by the Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs. Adeoye Aribasoye revealed that “The suspension of the two honorable members was lifted today after the assembly leadership considered a notice of stay of action filed before the Ekiti High Court challenging their suspension along with five other lawmakers.”

presence. Akingbolu, representing Ekiti West Constituency 1 and Hon. Olajide, representing the Efon constituency, served a notice of cessation of action, in doing so formally notifying the council that they were no longer plaintiffs in the action.

The notice of discontinuance in the case with case number HAD/169/2022 has been signed by their lawyer Mr. Sunday Oluolavi.

It reads: “Note that the Plaintiffs hereby intend and do hereby discontinue/withdraw this proceeding entirely against the Defendants.”

With lawmakers withdrawing, only Rt. presence. Arebisogan is now left behind in the lawsuit against the association.

The defendants are the Ekiti State Assembly (1), the Clerk, the Ekiti State Assembly (2) and the Speaker, the Ekiti State Assembly, Rt. presence. Olubunmi Adelugba (third).

Four deputies had previously returned to the parliament after fulfilling the conditions given to them to return to their legislative duties. As it is today, only the isolated speaker, R. Hon Ulugboyga Aribisogan is still suspended.

Two more Ekiti MPs returned, withdrawing from the case against the assembly

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